About Me

Ever since I can remember, I’ve looked at the world not as it is, but as it could be – when I was little my mother would often find her shoes and bags ‘reinvented’ with glitter, sparkles and feathers. She may have liked this more had I not been scavenging the feathers from the roadside! Even back then I was driven to take the ordinary and turn it into something special.

As an adult, I not longer have to scour the roadside for my feathers, and I can indulge in my passion with more time and more skill! My arsenal has expanded (and matured) from found feathers and glitter to truly transformative accessories – chains, jewels, spikes and studs, skulls and feathers of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Gifts and spoils at the market

Despite the ever-increasing space Gifts & Spoils takes up in my life (and home), the truth is I’d rather be surrounded by glitter and hot glue, exploring my passion and art than doing anything else. To me Gifts & Spoils is about reinvention, freedom and beauty – things I truly value in life. I hope you see what I see in these altered objects – not just a bag for carrying your stuff or shoes to get you from A to B, but an object of art, joy and a little rebellion.

I think now even mum would agree that those reinvented bags and shoes were worth it – and that the promise showed as a kid has turned into something real, and something that you can share in.

Have fun – and spoil yourself!